These Phantom Templates are FAST and Accurate! Our NEW Taping templates are A FAST accurate way to help you lay down your 2 tone paint scheme! Once again they are exact duplicates of the schwinn phantom and B-6 cantilever frame design 2-tone scheme AND our templates give you PINSTRIPING Lengths Too! Where else are you going to get that info? Nowhere but here! And it's included with each video!
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The 2 tone taping template will help you lay a Perfect paint job for your Schwinn Phantom Once you have masked off the 2 tone areas, we show how to prep that area for paint, what materials to use, how to lay down your new 2 tone paint job like a pro using different types of spraying systems such as an automotive touch up gun, air-brush or the PreVal system you can get at your hardware store (about $10!) So there's no excuse why ANYONE can't put down a superior Professional finish on their Schwinn Phantom using any one of these methods!