Learn where the serial numbers are and find the manufacture date for your frame Phantom, Panther, B-6, Wasp and all Schwinn Classic Bicycles
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Serial Numbers and Date coding 
In this section of the video, We show you how to identify the the serial number locations for your Phantom, Panther or other Classic Schwinn Bicycles and give some history to the serial number mystery. On the Phantom frame (which it's cantiliever design was patented by Schwinn long before the introduction of the Phantom), There are a couple common places you can find your serial numbers for your Phantom, Panther or other classic Schwinn Bicycle and those are no real secret. The first is on the underside of the crank hanger on the Phantom frame.  This indicates an earlier build date. Specific date ranges are given on the video. 
The second serial number area for your Schwinn Phantom or Panther might be located on the left side of the Rear Fork, where the Axel bolts On to the Frame. Again, in the video, we show you exactly where to look. 
Now later model bicycles 1970  on up will have serial numbers near the headbadge. But since those are not the original Phantom's we are looking to restore, If your phantom has the serial number by the headbadge, it's not very old. Perhaps it has been assembled from other parts. There are several things we show you so you can tell a Original Phantom apart from a built-up phantom.
The serial number lists here are complete for the years inidated and cover all Schwinn models, not only the Phantom or Panther.
Even if you have just a bunch of parts, you can find it's build date
I am currently transposing data to this Schwinn serial number database.. If  yours is not listed (probably not yet) 
feel free to email me and I can look it up for you 
Schwinn Serial numbers for 1948 
Schwinn Serial numbers for 1949 
Schwinn Serial numbers for 1950