Schwinn Phantom Restoration Guide
When the Trim paint is just too nicked up to repair
we show you how to respray the trim and pinstripe it.
You still keep the original base color.
Schwinn Phantom hardware
Several methods of paint application are discussed so
you feel comfortable with your method of choice.
Schwinn Phantom kickstand removal

The Red Trim paint is applied.
Schwinn Phantom Original Red Paint under Headbadge

After drying, We show how to ' Weather your paint'
so the new Red Trim, matches the Original black base
which is over 50 years old!

Schwinn Phantom  Re striping shown

We show all pinstriping in great detail on the DVD
we want you to see how easy it is.. and what you need
to know!

This is the ONLY video of it's kind and the
MOST COMPLETE video on Schwinn Phantom Restoration EVER!

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