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Schwinn Phantom
How to Restore Your Schwinn Phantom 
NEW !  The Premeiere Step by Step guide to Schwinn Phantom Restoration on DVD video 
This BRAND NEW 1 hour Video will help you restore your Classic Schwinn Phantom. It covers all restoration aspects in great detail and is a MUST HAVE for any Schwinn Collector! From Schwinn History with dates, facts and more to the 3 paintwork sections which cover minor touch-up to total repaint, a super pinstripe section, Phantom fenderlight and electrics, chrome, fenderwork and even a section on how to FIND old bikes ! It's all here! It's all in Step by Step format that's easy to follow and Each section of this unique video will help you no matter what shape your Schwinn Phantom is in. Even if you've never restored a bike before - Everything you need is right here! You will be able to get started on that Phantom restoration you have perhaps been putting off. It's available on DVD and VHS and 
So your restoration turns out perfect! 
We also offer a NEW 76 page Full Color PDF Restoration Guide
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 The most Complete step by step Schwinn Phantom Restoration video EVER
Phantom History Serial Number Identification Phantom Options  and Colors Inspecting your Phantom Disassembly Paint Touch up 
Saves Original Paint
Respray Trim  and Restripe Mixing Paint
Remove old paint and rust quickly yourslef Full 2 tone Paint job Using the Paint Templates How to Pin Stripe w/brush or Pen Headbadge Restoration Fenderlight Resto Reproduction Parts Chrome DOs & DONT's
Electric Troubleshooting Pedal Restoration GRIP Restoration Phantom Seat Info Decaling & ReAssembly How to FIND old BIKES Where to Get Restoration Paint
Schwinn Phantom History and Options Phantom History 
Phantom History: 
The 1949 Schwinn Black Phantom was a truely deluxe bicycle. Chrome  was King and the Black Phantom had more than it's fair share. Every kid on the block wanted one of these New Schwinn Phantom bikes. And  why not? Just imagine yourself riding one... big chrome fenders, built-in headlight, chrome spring in the front. Big  wide seat and carrier with built-in tail light.. Just like your dads car. The Schwinn Phantom hit the nail on the head with their introduction and sales of Schwinn Phantoms went through the roof.. so to speak.
So it's no wonder that Schwinn Phantom bicycles have stood the test of time and are still around. Some Phantoms are in decent shape and only need minor touch up cosmetics, while others are rusted hulks waiting for someone, quite possibly you, to restore them to their former chrome-plated, big and bold glory. Our New Video "How to Restore Your Schwinn Phantom" has nostalgic scenes, lots of schwinn phantom facts such as model introduction dates, special Phantom options, when the options were patented and more Phantom Facts. Any Schwinn Phantom Collector would appreciate this accurate information. You will know exactly how to find the date YOUR Schwinn Phantom was built and tons of other unique facts and myths presented in this fantastic introductory section! Schwinn Phantom Options such as expander brake

We show variations in spring fork design and bolt scripts for your Schwinn Phantom Phantom 
Inspecting Your Schwinn Phantom 
We inspect every part of the Schwinn Black Phantom we found in detail and you will learn how to tell if the parts on YOUR Phantom bicycle are original or not and what to look for when deciding weather to purchase a particular schwinn phantom or continue looking for a better original to restore. Face it - sometimes you just have to buy it (because It's a Phantom!)no matter what but other times you have a choice and this section of the video will help you know more and make better informed decisions 

Phantom Serial Numbers and Date coding 
In this section of the video, We show you how to identify the the serial number locations for your Phantom and give some history to the serial number mystery. On the Phantom frame which it's cantiliever design was patented by Schwinn long before the introduction of the Phantom, There are a couple common places you can find your serial numbers for your Phantom and those are no real secret. The first is on the underside of the crank hanger on the Phantom frame.  This indicates an earlier build date. Specific date ranges are given on the 'Restore your Phantom' video. 
The second serial number area for your Schiwnn Phantom might be located on the left side of the Rear Fork, where the Axel bolts on to the Phantom Frame. Again, in the video, we show you exactly where to look. 
Now later model bicycles 1970  on up will have serial numbers near the headbadge. But since those are not the original Phantom's we are looking to restore, If your phantom has the serial number by the headbadge, it's not very old. Perhaps it has been assembled from other parts. There are several things we show you so you can tell a Original Phantom apart from a built-up phantom.

From minor items on the Schwinn Phantom  to Major expenses- Not only will you be a more knowledgeable collector after watching the video, but you will be able to avoid costly mistakes and be able to spot bargins (even on non-phantom bikes!) 
So be sure to pick up a copy of this NEW Video. It's only $19.99 + shipping and has been getting RAVE reviews from Phantom Collectors!
Are the Pedals correct? Can they be restored? Lots to think about This Restorable Phantom was mostly complete and very typical of what you might find. Get the video and SEE first hand what to look for when you find a Schiwnn Phantom. All Phantoms are not the same obviously and the more you know about Phantoms the better deal's you will be able to make. schwinn phantom fenderlight troubleshooting - making it work

Tips like - the EASY way to remove the integrated Schwinn Phantom Kickstand Phantom Disassembly Section 
How to Disassemble your Schwinn Phantom the Easy Way! 
You don't want to break anything on your Phantom - So you will see lots of tips on the quickest and Easiest way to disassemble your Schwinn Black Phantom. Sometimes just understanding the function of a few specialty tools will save you a lot of grief - even if you dont have them, at least you can see what you need to do for quick disassembly of your Phantom  using what tools you have. Learn what you MUST Keep (because Phantom parts are expensive!), and what you can easily replace if the part is too far gone! 
Complete disassembly is the First step towards a FIRST CLASS Phantom Restoration!

Learn how to 'Finess the Paint' to touch up your bike without RE-Striping! Phantom Paint Repair Section 
When to Repair your Phantom paint 
If your Phantom's paint is in decent shape but suffering from general use and age, you know, scratches, nicks, chips - you may be able to 'Finesse' the existing finish on your Phantom and make those scratches and other small problems vanish with this comprehensive section of the 'Restore Your Phantom' video. You can even KEEP YOUR EXISTING PINSTRIPES ! We show you how, step-by-step the secrets and materials to use
Step By Step guide - The Right way to Restore your Schwinn Phantom
 You're shown everything - Specifically for your Schwinn Phantom from how to protect your existing original Phantom pin stripes to small rust repair and how to get the surface perfect again so no one can tell there was ever a repair!  
Anyone can do it, and we show you how to do it on your Phantom.
Results like this happen- when you know how to do it! Talk about 'saving the original Phantom paint'! You can see first hand exactly how to do it.. Think of how good your Schwinn Phantom would look without all those scratches! And yes ORIGINAL Phantom PAINT ! Get the video.. You gotta know how to do this!  
It's Just $19.99 + shipping!

It looks bad now, but this technique will allow you to 'SAVE' some of your original Paint! Phantom  
Schwinn Phantom - Trim Re-Paint & Re- Stripe 
Trim Paint on most Schwinn Phantom s was admittedly thin. Therefore it was usually first to go, first to fade and easily scratced through. This was very typical, but not just on Phantoms, most other models as well,  so don't feel bad if your phantom suffers from this common problem. On these bikes, the base color was Sprayed thicker and is usually salvagable with the touch- up techniques in the previous section, but the 2 tone Phantom trim should be re-sprayed and the pin-stripes re-applied. That may sound like a major job, but we show you how to do it on your Phantom EASILY! 
Saves the Original Phantom  Black base paint - Just New Trim color
After Re-Spraying the Trim - We show you step by step pin-striping! We show You all you need to know to complete this repair on your Phantom perfectly! We even show you never before shown techniques on exactly how to 'WEATHER your new Paint' to match the patina of the Original Phantom black base color for incredibly Original results. Only YOU know that the trim on your Phantom was Re Sprayed! We Also show you several paint application methods -all producing professional results!  
Results you can acheive easily by yourself. It's on the video. YOU can do it!
Painting and Paint Mixing fully demonstrated so you know what to do

Sandblasting is the quickest way to Remove old paint and rust Phantom - FULL ON RE-PAINT 
How to Repaint your Schwinn Phantom. 
Sometimes the paint on a Phantom  is just too far gone and you have no other option but to remove the old finish and repaint the entire bike. Of course we show you step by step how to accomplish this on YOUR phantom : from sandblasting to remove the old paint and rust- To bodywork and surface preparation. Then we show you exactly how to MIX your paint For your Phantom Eliminating guesswork or confusion - We even offer the best, most accurate computer color eye matched acrylic enamel paint for your Schwinn Phantom restoration! 
Some areas need more help than others due to pitting or small dents - We show you exactly how to make a perfect surface
How do you mix paint ?? We show you - It's EASY when you know how! Yep you never want to use common spray paint for your Phantom  restoration! Be sure to order one of our Matched Restoration Paint Sets to do it the Right way!  
We offer Phantom Paint Sets in addition to this NEW video "Restoring your Phantom" and  we INCLUDE our easy-to-use PAINTING template for laying down the EXACT 2 -tone Paint dimensions on your Phantom so there's no guesswork! The TEMPLATE is for Schwinn Phantom s AND B-6 Models and is INCLUDED WITH YOUR ORDER! 
Yes, Included - no charge with your Order  and all for just $19.99 + shipping!!
Your  Easy to Use 2 tone taping templates are Included with your Video - Precise Accurate - Dont be without!
These Phantom Templates are FAST and Accurate! Our NEW Taping templates are A FAST accurate way to help you lay down your 2 tone paint scheme on your Phantom ! Once again they are exact duplicates of the schwinn phantom and B-6 cantilever frame design 2-tone scheme AND our templates give you PINSTRIPING Lengths Too!  
Where else are you going to get that info? Nowhere but here! And it's included with each video!
Your Phantom will turn out Phan - Tastic! !
The 2 tone taping template will help you lay a Perfect paint job for your Schwinn Phantom Once you have masked off the 2 tone areas on your Phantom, we show how to prep that area for paint, what materials to use, how to lay down your new 2 tone Phantom paint job like a pro using different types of spraying systems such as an automotive touch up gun, air-brush or the PreVal system you can get at your hardware store (about $10!) So there's no excuse why ANYONE can't put down a superior Professional finish on their Schwinn Phantom using any one of these methods!  You can order a Perfect Color Matched Phantom Paint set TOO! details at the bottom of the webpage!

We show you TWO ways to pinstripe your Schwinn Phantom Phantom PIN STRIPING  

Ok, So Pin Striping your Phantom seems a little difficult to do. But it's not. No big secret here. But it does take a little practice. Don't worry - we take you step-by-step and show you everything from Proper brush size for your Phantom Stripes, to how to pallet the brush and practice procedure. You'll do fine. !

We also offer a Super Pin Striping Video which may interest you
Learn to use a Pin Striping Brush as well as a paint pen. Learn which is the Proper Brush Size to duplicate Schwinn Phantom Original Striping! It's important to use the proper size pin striping brush for your Schwinn Phantom . And we show you the differences as well as how to trim and condition it!   This Pin-Striping Section of the 'Restore Your Phantom' video is SECOND TO NONE!   
Striping the Phantom tank may seem a little intimidating but even if you mess up - it's easy to remove the stripe - we show you - yes that's right - bad stripe, then removed right before your eyes with no damage to the paint below - see how to do it then do it yourself on your Phantom with confidence.   Are You ready to get the Video Yet??  
Did I mention it's JUST $19.99 + shipping?? 
AND you get the 2 tone Phantom template FREE!
All Schwinn Phantom Pin Striping Locations are Fully Detailed
Pin Striping is EASY after you learn how!
 Believe me we wanted to Set the Standard for Restoring your Phantom! 
You REALLY get your moneys worth! 
Still not convinced? keep reading -  lots more Phantom info to cover!
See EVERYTHING - Step By Step - The Video Shows it all!
Both badges needed restoring but each are different - we show you the differences Phantom 
Schwinn Phantom Headbadge Restoration 
We can't forget about the Phantom headbadge! It suffers the same aging and damage as the rest of your Schwinn Phantom. Fortunately, Restoration of your Phantom headbadge is quick and painless and rarely will you need to find a better badge. Most Phantom are restorable and we show you how to transform your old tired badge something worthy of being the flagship of your Phantom restoration. No detail is left out and never again will you have to put a shabby badge on your Phantom Bicycle! 
So Check out this section and some of the new products we use for Phantom Headbadge Restoration. 
You can even use these techniques on Non Phantom Headbadges with Great Results. We show you how every step of the way! 
Restore your Phantom Today!
Schwinn Phantom Headbadge Step by Step Restoration !

Deep Scratches - What do you do?? We show you Schwinn Phantom Fenderlight Restoration 
Our Phantom took a few spills - that's for sure and the Phantom fenderlight took the brunt of the concrete punishment. Deep scarring to these delicate potmetal covers presents several unique problems to your Phantom restoration. But we show you several techniques to bring it back from the dead. Including troubleshooting the phantom fenderlight switch, getting it to work reliably, electrics, paintwork and reassembly!  

But you can't get this Phantom Fenderlight info unless you get the video!  

Remember This NEW Phantom Restoration Video is available in BOTH DVD and VHS! 
 for the same low price of just $19.99 + shipping. 
You could have it in your hands in as little as 2-3 days and your Phantom will thank you!
Ah Perfect Phantom Fenderlight Restoration could be your's if you want!

Do I use a Reproduction Phantom tank or Should I get this one Rechromed??  Phantom REPRODUCTION PARTS 
Repro parts on my Phantom? Some make sense, other's no. We give you the straight skinny on using your head when thinking about getting repro parts for your Phantom. When to use them, when not to and more! 
We have had good luck with some phantom reproduction parts. and we will show you what to watch out for and parts that 'just dont cut it' when restoring your phantom. 
Remember you are trying to Return the phantom to it's original form when restoring so it is important to always keep that in mind. 
There's also budgeting concerns to think about. A Phantom is not cheap to restore. But you can watch your wallet at the same time! 
We discuss Repro Parts for your Schwinn phantom and it's pros and cons with this growing hobby.
Can this BE rechromed??  How much??

Chrome Shocker ! Open your wallet -  learn how to get a better price  Phantom CHROME - Beautiful but costly! 
Face it, a B-6 is a lot less expensive than a Phantom to Restore but that's one reason your Schwinn Phantom is worth so much more! Learn valuable money-saving tips on re-chroming your Phantom parts.  

What the Plater won't tell you, we do!  

What? I said Save money.. no sense in throwing that away!  
We also show you some handy tools you can use use straighten out dents on Phantom Fenders.  
How to find out just how bad the chrome on your phantom is. And some simple ways to clean up any chrome on your phantom. 
Since the phantom has a lot - I MEAN A LOT- of chrome, This is a particular area ALL phantom collectors will have interest!

Special tools are helpful - we show you the INs and Outs of metalworking

We show you step by step how to get your Electrics to actually work! Phantom ELECTRIC WORK 
Getting the Electrics on your Phantom to work, troubleshooting, fighting corrosion, when to stick it out and when to call it quits! Important stuff - If you have a Schwinn Phantom - Stuff you need to know - A Great section!  And you wont find this information ANYWHERE else. I know, I've looked.  So here it is.. 
We show you the tools to use on your phantom, the common problems you probably will find on your phantom.  
We run into problems of our own, but yes we figure them out and fix them right before your eyes.  
Sometimes just seeing it happen can help you fix your own electric problems on the phantom.  
No other book or video goes this deep when it comes to Restoration. Phantom or otherwise.  
We really, really wanted to make this video the BEST! and it shows! 
Get your Phantom video today!
Trouble shooting your Schwinn Fenderlight and where to look for corrosion

We show you all you need to know about the Correct Schwinn Phantom Pedals
 Phantom PEDALS 
Pedals. Where to start, Lots of times you can't do much about the blocks. We show you the right blocks to get, how to disassemble and more! ! 

Learn how to add new life to those worn out grips  Phantom Grips- RESTORE YOUR GRIPS 
Sometimes you can keep your grips! We show how to change those ugly yellow grips to the proper hue. All gum rubber grips will show aging no matter what color they are. The ones we demonstrate on were the ivory color but the same techniques apply to all Phantom grips
A little work can go a long way to saving your gum rubber Phantom grips

You cant just put ANY old seat on your Phantom Restoration - now you will know for sure what to do  Phantom SEAT And DECALS  
The Schwinn Phantom has a special seat. Do yourself a favor - get it recovered. Your bike will look fantastic with it, Unfinished without. See, even though it's a little pricey, You will make your restoration complete - and that's the goal.  
Decals are thoroughly covered in a seperate section. We want your Phantom Restoration to turn out RIGHT. AND so do you. . 
Where to put the decals - easy stuff when you know for sure

Big Game hunting footage - where to find the GOOD bikes Learn Bike Finding Secrets 
Take a ride with Dave and get the tips you need for finding old, valuable bikes. He's been in the hobby since 1979 and times have changed. Finding the valuable bikes takes a different approach. Put those tip to use right away and find those bikes other collectors will never even see!
Tips to help you find those bikes and Whizzers!

Here's how to Order RESTORE YOUR PHANTOM DVD or VHS  
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