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Classic Biycle Disassembly Tips
Before you begin dissassembly of a restoration project - TAKE SOME PICTURES! 
hopalong cassidy bike These photos and notes you make now will assist you when it's time to put the bike back together and help you in painting it correctly.
Make sure your photos are UP CLOSE and personal, giving you a good representation of the original paint design. classic bicycle 2 tone designs
Rollfast Classic bicycle 2 tone patterns In the Videotape, I will show you how to "LIFT" paint designs off your original bike for duplication later. 
If your bike has been re-painted There is still hope in finding out the original paint scheme. It will take some extra detective work on your part but most likely you will be able to recover most, if not all of the original paint scheme . Schwinn Panther Disassembly
Schiwnn Phantom Disassembly Most likely, the original paint was not stripped off by sandblasting or chemically removed, rather, the second paint job was either sprayed directly over the original paint or 'brushed' on top of it.
  So there is an excellent chance that you will be able to remove some of the paint on top of the TWO-TONE junction areas revealing important details about the original paint. Once again, full details of this process are available on the Video.