The Paint Store is CLOSED FOR THE HOLIDAYS!---Restoration Paint Sets
Color Matched to Original Schwinn Colors from the 30's 40's and 50's!!

Will Reopen with NEW COLOR CHOICES JAN 2, 2008!

There really is No comparison between a "spray can" paint job and a Professional-Grade Restoration using our Acrylic Enamel Finish Sets!
Schwinn and most other bicycle companies used Enamel paint in their 2-tone paint schemes during the 1930's, 1940's and 1950's, so it makes perfect sense for you to treat your restoration to the highest quality and most correct finish you can get. And you have found it here at
2 tone Red Panther Restoration Paint Set Shown Phantom and Panther  2 Tone Paint Sets include the 1/2 Pint Base Color and 1/2 pint Trim Color and are Priced at $60.00 + Shipping

Schwinn B-6, DX, Wasp, Hornet & others include 1/2 pint Trim Color and 1 pint Base color and are priced at $80.00 + Shipping

For your assurance of originality, each color offered has been carefully matched to mint original examples of selected Schwinn Bicycles or to New Old Stock Parts, so you can be confident of not only getting the highest grade paint available for your restoration but also the proper type paint and the closest match possible to the correct original color.
You can confidently apply Our Restoration Acrylic Enamel to your project using a low-pressure Airbrush or even a "propel" canister painting set. Complete instructions are included with each paint set to assist anyone in applying a superior finish to your restoration.
2 tone Green Panther Deluxe Set with Video Shown All Deluxe Paint sets include the base color, the trim color, Our #1 selling Restoration videotape and as a bonus, the pinstriping tool shown in the videotape.

Deluxe Paint Sets are priced at $85.50 +Shipping


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Schwinn Phantoms Schwinn Panthers Schwinn B-6, DX, Wasp, Hornet & others

Our Restoration Paint Sets are intended for Complete 2 tone Restorations, not 'touch-ups' due to the nature of aging original paint. Sun damage, microscopic surface rust and remaining paint thickness all contribute to changes in both hue and saturation of the original paint on your bike and so unless you have a mint original, the new paint will appear slightly darker and much more vibrant than an "aged" original.
A final note on Our Restoration Acrylic Enamel Paint Sets: This professional-grade paint must be thinned out with Reducer prior to spraying it. You can pick up Acrylic Enamel Reducer and most local Napa Stores and Complete instructions are included in each paint set to assist you in your application of this paint. We ship all Paint Sets via UPS Ground Transportation every Tuesday of the week and most will arrive on your doorstep within one week. All Paint Set sales are Final. We do not ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or Overseas due to regulations.