Phantom Fenderlight
Deep Scratches - What do you do?? We show you Schwinn Phantom Fenderlight Restoration 
Our Phantom took a few spills - that's for sure and the Phantom fenderlight took the brunt of the concrete punishment. Deep scarring to these delicate potmetal covers presents several unique problems to your Phantom restoration. But we show you several techniques to bring it back from the dead. Including troubleshooting the phantom fenderlight switch, getting it to work reliably, electrics, paintwork and reassembly! 

But you can't get this Phantom Fenderlight info unless you get the video! 

Remember it's available in BOTH DVD and VHS!   for the same low price of just $19.99 + shipping. 
You could have it in your hands in as little as 2-3 days and your Phantom will thank you!

Ah Perfect Phantom Fenderlight Restoration could be your's if you want!
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