Phantom Headbadge Restoration
Both badges needed restoring but each are different - we show you the differences Phantom
Schwinn Phantom Headbadge Restoration 
We can't forget about the Phantom headbadge! It suffers the same aging and damage as the rest of your Schwinn Phantom. Fortunately, Restoration of your Phantom headbadge is quick and painless and rarely will you need to find a better badge. Most Phantom are restorable and we show you how to transform your old tired badge something worthy of being the flagship of your Phantom restoration. No detail is left out and never again will you have to put a shabby badge on your Phantom Bicycle!
So Check out this section and some of the new products we use for Phantom Headbadge Restoration.
You can even use these techniques on Non Phantom Headbadges with Great Results. We show you how every step of the way!
Restore your Phantom Today!
Schwinn Phantom Headbadge Step by Step Restoration !
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