phantom pin striping
We show you TWO ways to pinstripe your Schwinn Phantom Schwinn Phantom PIN STRIPING  
Ok, So Pin Striping your Phantom seems a little difficult to do. But it's not. No big secret here. But it does take a little practice. Don't worry - we take you step-by-step and show you everything from Proper brush size for your Phantom Stripes, to how to pallet the brush and practice procedure. You'll do fine. !
We also offer a Super Pin Striping Video which may interest you
Learn to use a Pin Striping Brush as well as a paint pen. Learn which is the Proper Brush Size to duplicate Schwinn Phantom Original Striping! It's important to use the proper size pin striping brush for your Schwinn Phantom . And we show you the differences as well as how to trim and condition it!   This Pin-Striping Section of the 'Restore Your Phantom' video is SECOND TO NONE!  
Striping the Phantom tank may seem a little intimidating but even if you mess up - it's easy to remove the stripe - we show you - yes that's right - bad stripe, then removed right before your eyes with no damage to the paint below - see how to do it then do it yourself on your Phantom with confidence.   Are You ready to get the Video Yet?? 
Did I mention it's JUST $19.99 + shipping?? 
AND you get the 2 tone Phantom template FREE! 
All Schwinn Phantom Pin Striping Locations are Fully Detailed
Pin Striping is EASY after you learn how!
 Believe me we wanted to Set the Standard for Restoring your Phantom! 
You REALLY get your moneys worth! 
Still not convinced? keep reading -  lots more Phantom info to cover!
See EVERYTHING - Step By Step - The Video Shows it all!
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