phantom Repaint
Sandblasting is the quickest way to Remove old paint and rust Phantom - FULL ON RE-PAINT 
How to Repaint your Schwinn Phantom.
Sometimes the paint on a Phantom  is just too far gone and you have no other option but to remove the old finish and repaint the entire bike. Of course we show you step by step how to accomplish this on YOUR phantom : from sandblasting to remove the old paint and rust- To bodywork and surface preparation. Then we show you exactly how to MIX your paint For your Phantom Eliminating guesswork or confusion - We even offer the best, most accurate computer color eye matched acrylic enamel paint for your Schwinn Phantom restoration! 
Some areas need more help than others due to pitting or small dents - We show you exactly how to make a perfect surface
How do you mix paint ?? We show you - It's EASY when you know how! Yep you never want to use common spray paint for your Phantom  restoration! Be sure to order one of our Matched Restoration Paint Sets to do it the Right way! 
We offer Phantom Paint Sets in addition to this NEW video "Restoring your Phantom" and  we INCLUDE our easy-to-use PAINTING template for laying down the EXACT 2 -tone Paint dimensions on your Phantom so there's no guesswork! The TEMPLATE is for Schwinn Phantom s AND B-6 Models and is INCLUDED WITH YOUR ORDER!
Yes, Included - no charge with your Order  and all for just $19.99 + shipping!!
Your  Easy to Use 2 tone taping templates are Included with your Video - Precise Accurate - Dont be without!
These Phantom Templates are FAST and Accurate! Our NEW Taping templates are A FAST accurate way to help you lay down your 2 tone paint scheme on your Phantom ! Once again they are exact duplicates of the schwinn phantom and B-6 cantilever frame design 2-tone scheme AND our templates give you PINSTRIPING Lengths Too! 
Where else are you going to get that info? Nowhere but here! And it's included with each video!
Your Phantom will turn out Phan - Tastic! !
The 2 tone taping template will help you lay a Perfect paint job for your Schwinn Phantom Once you have masked off the 2 tone areas on your Phantom, we show how to prep that area for paint, what materials to use, how to lay down your new 2 tone Phantom paint job like a pro using different types of spraying systems such as an automotive touch up gun, air-brush or the PreVal system you can get at your hardware store (about $10!) So there's no excuse why ANYONE can't put down a superior Professional finish on their Schwinn Phantom using any one of these methods! You can order a Perfect Color Matched Phantom Paint set TOO! details at the bottom of the webpage!
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