Phantom Respray Trim and Re-Stripe it.
It looks bad now, but this technique will allow you to 'SAVE' some of your original Paint! Phantom 
Schwinn Phantom - Trim Re-Paint & Re- Stripe 
Trim Paint on most Schwinn Phantom s was admittedly thin. Therefore it was usually first to go, first to fade and easily scratced through. This was very typical, but not just on Phantoms, most other models as well,  so don't feel bad if your phantom suffers from this common problem. On these bikes, the base color was Sprayed thicker and is usually salvagable with the touch- up techniques in the previous section, but the 2 tone Phantom trim should be re-sprayed and the pin-stripes re-applied. That may sound like a major job, but we show you how to do it on your Phantom EASILY! ! 
Saves the Original Phantom  Black base paint - Just New Trim color
After Re-Spraying the Trim - We show you step by step pin-striping! We show You all you need to know to complete this repair on your Phantom perfectly! We even show you never before shown techniques on exactly how to 'WEATHER your new Paint' to match the patina of the Original Phantom black base color for incredibly Original results. Only YOU know that the trim on your Phantom was Re Sprayed! We Also show you several paint application methods -all producing professional results! 
Results you can acheive easily by yourself. It's on the video. YOU can do it!
Painting and Paint Mixing fully demonstrated so you know what to do
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