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Learn how to 'Finess the Paint' to touch up your bike without RE-Striping! Phantom Paint Repair Section 
Repair your Schwinn Phantom Paint
If your Phantom's paint is in decent shape but suffering from general use and age, you know, scratches, nicks, chips - you may be able to 'Finesse' the existing finish on your Phantom and make those scratches and other small problems vanish with this comprehensive section of this NEW video "Restore your Phantom". You can even KEEP YOUR EXISTING PINSTRIPES ! We show you how, step-by-step the secrets and materials to use
Step By Step guide - The Right way to Restore your Schwinn Phantom
 You're shown everything - from how to protect your existing original Phantom pin stripes to small rust repair and how to get the surface perfect again so no one can tell there was ever a repair! 

Anyone can do it, and we show you how to do it on your Phantom.

Results like this happen- when you know how to do it! Talk about 'saving the original Phantom paint'! You can see first hand exactly how to do it.. Think of how good your Schwinn Phantom would look without all those scratches! And yes ORIGINAL Phantom PAINT ! Get the video.. You gotta know how to do this! 
It's just $19.99 + shipping!
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