We show variations in spring fork design and bolt scripts for your Schwinn Phantom Inspecting Your Schwinn Phantom 
We inspect every part of the Schwinn Black Phantom we found in detail and you will learn how to tell if the parts on YOUR bike are original or not and what to look for when deciding weather to purchase a particular schwinn phantom or continue looking for a better original to restore. Face it - sometimes you just have to buy it (because It's a Phantom!)no matter what but other times you have a choice and this section of the video will help you know more and make better informed decisions
From minor items on the Schwinn Phantom  to Major expenses- Not only will you be a more knowledgeable collector after watching the video, but you will be able to avoid costly mistakes and be able to spot bargins (even on non-phantom bikes!)
So be sure to pick up a copy of this NEW Video. It's only $19.99 + shipping and has been getting RAVE reviews from Phantom Collectors!
Are the Pedals correct? Can they be restored? Lots to think about This Restorable Phantom was mostly complete and very typical of what you might find. Get the video and SEE first hand what to look for when you find a Schiwnn Phantom. All Phantoms are not the same obviously and the more you know about Phantoms the better deal's you will be able to make. schwinn phantom fenderlight troubleshooting - making it work
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