Schwinn Phantom History and Options Phantom History 
Phantom History:
The 1949 Schwinn Black Phantom was a truely deluxe bicycle. Chrome  was King and the Black Phantom had more than it's fair share. Every kid on the block wanted one of these New Schwinn Phantom bikes. And  why not? Just imagine yourself riding one... big chrome fenders, built-in headlight, chrome spring in the front. Big  wide seat and carrier with built-in tail light.. Just like your dads car. The Schwinn Phantom hit the nail on the head with their introduction and sales of Schwinn Phantoms went through the roof.. so to speak.
So it's no wonder that Schwinn Phantom bicycles have stood the test of time and are still around. Some Phantoms are in decent shape and only need minor touch up cosmetics, while others are rusted hulks waiting for someone, quite possibly you, to restore them to their former chrome-plated, big and bold glory. Our New Video "How to Restore Your Schwinn Phantom" has nostalgic scenes, lots of schwinn phantom facts such as model introduction dates, special Phantom options, when the options were patented and more Phantom Facts. Any Schwinn Phantom Collector would appreciate this accurate information. You will know exactly how to find the date YOUR Schwinn Phantom was built and tons of other unique facts and myths presented in this fantastic introductory section! Schwinn Phantom Options such as expander brake
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