Phantom Electric Troubleshooting for your Schwinn Phantom
We show you step by step how to get your Electrics to actually work! Phantom ELECTRIC WORK 
Getting the Electrics on your Phantom to work, troubleshooting, fighting corrosion, when to stick it out and when to call it quits! Important stuff - If you have a Schwinn Phantom - Stuff you need to know - A Great section!  And you wont find this information ANYWHERE else. I know, I've looked.  So here it is..
We show you the tools to use on your phantom, the common problems you probably will find on your phantom. 
We run into problems of our own, but yes we figure them out and fix them right before your eyes. 
Sometimes just seeing it happen can help you fix your own electric problems on the phantom. 
No other book or video goes this deep when it comes to Restoration. Phantom or otherwise. 
We really, really wanted to make this video the BEST! and it shows!
Get your Phantom video today!
Trouble shooting your Schwinn Fenderlight and where to look for corrosion
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