Phantom - Chrome for your Schwinn Phantom
Chrome Shocker ! Open your wallet -  learn how to get a better price Phantom CHROME - Beautiful but costly! 
Face it, a B-6 is a lot less expensive than a Phantom to Restore but that's one reason your Schwinn Phantom is worth so much more! Learn valuable money-saving tips on re-chroming your Phantom parts. 

What the Plater won't tell you, we do! 

What? I said Save money.. no sense in throwing that away! 
We also show you some handy tools you can use use straighten out dents on Phantom Fenders. 
How to find out just how bad the chrome on your phantom is. And some simple ways to clean up any chrome on your phantom.
Since the phantom has a lot - I MEAN A LOT- of chrome, This is a particular area ALL phantom collectors will have interest!

Special tools are helpful - we show you the INs and Outs of metalworking
Here's a Great Tip on Using an Eastman Electroplating System Tin Zinc from Greg in Vancouver, BC.
You can Rejuvenate Parts With Tin-Zinc Plating At Home
Here's what I do: first, clean the parts as needed, using a wire 
wheel, naval jelly etc, then refine any damaged areas with files/sandpaper et al. When this is done, use this product from the Eastwood Company:
 This will zinc plate any areas of bare metal, which can then be 
 polished to a chrome-like finish. The part will now have a uniform shiny finish, and best of all the previously bare areas will not  rust.
 Its a great way to save otherwise marginal chrome, especially for a daily rider or patina'd bike.
I have found this zinc plating system invaluable in restoring 
 Schwinns, as it replicates the factory finish of many parts easily and convincingly; such items include the bottom bearing cups, seat post clamp,
 cable clips, kickstands etc etc etc. Left as plated, the parts will have a satin finish, and if polished the finish is very chrome like. 
As a bonus, if parts are left unmaintained they will eventually slightly oxidize, making them "blend-in" to a  unrestored bike vey well.
 Give it a try, I swear it works wonders.
 Vancouver, BC

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