phantom reproduction parts
Do I use a Reproduction Phantom tank or Should I get this one Rechromed?? Phantom REPRODUCTION PARTS 
Repro parts on my Phantom? Some make sense, other's no. We give you the straight skinny on using your head when thinking about getting repro parts for your Phantom. When to use them, when not to and more!

We have had good luck with some phantom reproduction parts. and we will show you what to watch out for and parts that 'just dont cut it' when restoring your phantom.

Remember you are trying to Return the phantom to it's original form when restoring so it is important to always keep that in mind.

There's also budgeting concerns to think about. A Phantom is not cheap to restore. But you can watch your wallet at the same time!

We discuss Repro Parts for your Schwinn phantom and it's pros and cons with this growing hobby.

Can this BE rechromed??  How much??
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