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Restore Your Classic Bicycle on DVD or VHS
You CAN restore it yourself, 
without making it look like YOU restored it 
This  1 hour Video on DVD OR VHS has been designed to assist you in restoring your Classic Bicycle. Weather you have a Schwinn Black Phantom, Schwinn Panther or maybe an old Whizzer or Columbia 5 star, It covers all restoration aspects you will need in great detail which you can apply to ANY classic bicycle you have! Many of the tips you find on the video will also help in restoring pedal cars, and other classic metal toys. Each section of this unique video has been designed to provide information on various stages of restoring your classic bicycle brought to you in great detail in a step by step format.  
With the information and photos contained on the video, you will be able to get started on that restoration you have prehaps been putting off. Think of it as a a step by step visual guide, showing you not only what to do, but exaclty how to do it and by ordering this Comprehensive DVD video now, you will have all the information you need to get the most out of your old balloon tire bicycle.  
This is the most Complete step by step Classic Bicycle Restoration video of it's kind
I just had to take time to thank you for the GREAT video. Much to my amazement the bike you restored in the video is exactly the model I am working with [even the same colors]. The information presented in the video is easy to understand and gives me confidence to tackle the restoration. Thanks again   
Quenton, Outer Banks North Carolina 
This video helped me more than anything when I decided to restore my schwinn phantom. Dave really shows you what you need to know and how to do it step by step.  
I highly reccommend it to anyone considering restoring a classic bicycle   
Jim, Freemont Ca.
Your balloon tire bike just sites there. Oh sure, It's a Classic, and for ertain it's worth SOMETHING!  
schwinn wasp But right now it looks pretty bad and there's not much hope for it in it's "Original Condition". People have probably told you it's not worth it to restore it. OR they have told you "I'd rather have an Original Anyday". That still doesn't change the fact that your bike (or bikes) just sit there. 
And if you listen to these folks, the bikes will probably sit there looking terrible for a long, long time. Restoring a classic old balloon tire bicycle doesn't take a lot of commitment on your part - and it should not take a ton of money to do.  
schwinn phantom fenderlight But getting professional-looking results (without paying a professional price) requires a little bit more than a spray can from the hardware store and a little elbow grease. This  Video is devoted to the helping you through the process of restoring your classic bicycle yourself and getting professional results. 
Resutls that you will be proud of. Results you'll want to show off. Results that not only get noticed, but will increase the value of the bike more than anything else can.  

Click Below individually to see each topic seperately or click here for a the FULL Classic Bicycle Restoration Page with Tons of Pictures all at once.   
How to Evaluate Bikes         Disassembly Tips     Schwinn Serial Number Identification  
Proper Prep Work                Paint touch up- How to save your Origianl Paint 
How to Respray the Trim color and Re- stripe your Classic Bicycle 
How to mix your paint                  Remove old paint and rust quickly yourself 
How to correctly repaint your Classic Bicycle                    How to Pinstripe 
How to Respoke Rims               Assembly Tips      Classic Bicycle Museum examples 

You might have a Schwinn Phantom, Schwinn Panther, WZ frame Whizzer, A Columbia, Monark or Shelby, A Henderson, Goodrich or JC Higgins, a rare Colson, Hawthorn or Elgin, A Rollfast, Roadmaster or whatever, this 1 hour DVD or VHS video will help you in restoring that classic old balloon tire bike.  Shelby
Questions or comments just email - 

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Click HERE to ORDER your Classic Bicycle Restoration DVD or VHS for just $19.99 + shipping 
Click here to Order the Downloadable Classic Bicycle Restoration VIDEO on your High Speed Cable modem or DSL connection -  The 77Page Schwinn Phantom Restoration PDF book  AND painting Template is Included !!  (we send you the Painting Template via US postal service)  JUST $12.00 

Schwinn Panther as found in Original condition    
Schwinn Serial number identification process and History    
Schwinn Patnther Inspection pictures    
Classic Bicycle Disassembly photos      
Paint Repair Photos    
Respray the Trim paint and Pinstripe    
Schwinn Panther FULL REPAINT photos   
Pinstriping Section photos   
How to Roll out a Fender Photos   
Schwinn Panther Decals Reassembly photos   
Schwinn Panther Finished Restoration photos   
Respoking your rims photos 
Classic Bicycle Museum 

and dont forget using our Restoration Paint Sets, 
specifically matched to Original Schwinn Paint Colors 
You can be sure your restoration will turn out perfect! 

Restore Your Schwinn Phantom on DVD or VHS
The Premeiere Step by Step guide to 
Schwinn Phantom Restoration on DVD video 
Also available as a High Speed Video Download $13.50
This BRAND NEW 1 hour Video will help you restore your Classic Schwinn Phantom. It covers all Phantom restoration aspects in great detail and is a MUST HAVE for any Schwinn Phantom Collector! From Phantom History with dates, Phantom facts and more- to the 3 Phantom paintwork sections which cover minor touch-up of your Phantom to total repaint, a super Phantom pinstripe section, Phantom fenderlight and electrics, chrome, Phantom fenderwork and even a section on how to FIND old Schwinn Phantom's and other collectable bikes! It's all here! It's all in Step by Step format that's easy to follow and Each section of this video will help you no matter what shape your Schwinn Phantom is in. Even if you've never restored a Schwinn Phantom before - Everything you need is right here! Get started on that Phantom restoration you have perhaps been putting off. It's available on DVD and VHS just $19.99 + Shipping  PLUS 
We also have a NEW 76 Page PDF download just $6.75 
the 2 tone Phantom taping template is also included! 
click here for detailed information! 
So your restoration turns out perfect! 
The most Complete step by step 
Schwinn Phantom Restoration video EVER 
Our Schwinn Phantom Restoration Video Covers the following topics  
Click Below individually to see each topic seperately or click here for a the FULL Schwinn Phantom Page with Tons of Pictures all at once.  

Schwinn Phantom History               Schwinn Phantom Serial number identification 
Schwinn Phantom Options and Colors                   Inspecting your Schwinn Phantom 
Dissasembly of your Schwinn Phantom              Schwinn Phantom Fenderlight restoration  
Paint touch up- How to save your Origianl Schwinn Phantom Paint  
How to Respray the Trim color and Re- stripe your Schwinn Phantom  
How to mix your paint                  Remove old paint and rust quickly yourself  
How to correctly repaint your Schwinn Phantom                Using the Painting Templates  
How to pinstripe your Schwinn Phantom                   Headbadge Restoration     
Reproduction parts for your Schwinn Phantom                  Chrome -  DO's and Dont's  
Electric Troubleshooting   Schwinn Phantom PEDAL restoration      GRIP Restoration  
Schwinn Phantom SEAT info       Decals and ReAssembly      How to find OLD BIKES  

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Click HERE to ORDER your Schwinn Phantom Restoration DVD or VHS for just $19.99 + shipping  
Click here to Order the downloadable PDF file with template just $6.75  

Click here to Order the Downloadable Schwinn Phantom Restoration VIDEO on your High Speed Cable modem or DSL connection -  The 77Page PDF book  AND painting Template   
Included !!  (we send you the Painting Template via US postal service)  JUST $12.00  

Schwinn Phantom as found in Original condition   
Schwinn Phantom Serial number identification process and History   
Schwinn Phantom Circa 1949    
Schwinn Phantom Inspection pictures   
Schwinn Phantom Disassembly photos   
Schwinn Phantom Disassembly Photos    
Schwinn Phantom Paint Repair Photos   
Schwinn Phantom Respray the Trim paint and Pinstripe   
Schwinn Phantom FULL REPAINT photos  
Schwinn Phantom Templates procedure photos  
Schwinn Phantom Pinstriping Section photos  
Schwinn Phantom Tank Headbadge fenderlight Restoration Photos  
Schwinn Phantom Grip Restoration Photos  
Schwinn Phantom Fender Restoration Photos  
Schwinn Phantom Pedal Restoration Photos  
Schwinn Phantom Chrome section photos  
Schwinn Phantom Electric troubleshooting  
Schwinn Phantom Decals Reassembly photos  
Schwinn Phantom Seat Restoration photos  
Schwinn Phantom Finished Restoration photos  

Found 3 Whizzers. All need restoration and have been repainted. Mostly complete with embossed tanks- 2 of them RUN. Looks like I will be very busy this fall!nbsp; Whizzer haul
click to see bigger photo

NEWLY POSTED ! !Schwinn Serial Numbers for 1948 -   
NEWLY POSTED ! !Schwinn Serial Numbers for 1949 -   
NEWLY POSTED ! !Schwinn Serial Numbers for 1950 -   

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